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 GUILD LORE & BACKGROUND(work in progress)

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PostSubject: GUILD LORE & BACKGROUND(work in progress)   Thu May 06, 2010 8:49 am

"Thou shalt not kill"

....Well thats what we're told. But have they had to endure the menace that is today's modern villian? We have and others still suffer, too afraid to walk the streets alone without the comfort of a glowing flourescent light. Crime was at an all-time high before Brainiacs attack in the streets of Gotham and now my crime-fighting companions things are much, much worse. The Justice League of America has had it's hands full fighting off the tyrannical forces of the enemy and thus their time has been allocated to that daunting task alone. Which leaves the civilians of our planet left unguarded in an unsafe world. That is until now.

We do not fear the horrors that lurk our around every corner. We do not shy away from performing acts considered immoral by other would-be heroes. We will shape ourselves into the very thing that our adversaries nightmares are made of. After all, to truly understand the mind of a criminal you first must think like one. To know the monster you must become it.

Tonight my friends we will have justice and hopefully one day, absolution for our sins.

So Who Are the Midnight Resistance?

The Midnight Resistance are a group of anti-heroes, vigilantes, outcasts, oddities, and even partially reformed villains with an agenda - to wipe out crime at any cost. This in turn has brought them ill-favour amongst a large portion of heroic commitees and even to some degree the Justice League of America, who see using the expertise of the Resistence as a last resort. Many a hero has heard a tale of how this underground militia operates and not many of them have a happy ending, much like the criminals they devoutly vow to crush. Yes, they do have their ways and many of them are considered unethical and immoral. Yet beneath their dark existence lies the strength, grit, and determination to bring organised crime to It's very knees.

It is uncertain when the Midnight Resistance was formed but many speculate that it may have been from even before Brainiacs initial attack. One thing however is certain, It's zealous founder known as "Sister Sinister" has newfound interest in the recent exobtye outbreak, and she fully intends to use it as a tool for the greater "good".

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GUILD LORE & BACKGROUND(work in progress)
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