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 [Introduction] Caryington

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PostSubject: [Introduction] Caryington   Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:14 am


Real Name: Guillaume
From: Officially Paris, France. Truth is I come from Mars but I'd like to keep it a secret between both you and I
*Katherine "Kate" Caryington - Psyker gunslinger
* VI1709 - Robot

What are your interests and what inspires you?
Many things... mostly what is about space. I never had my feet or my head on Earth. Space makes me all excited: I just love it. Starships, aliens, laser rifles, NASA pictures... I therfore am quite fond of Star Wars probably since I'm 4 or 5 years old. I've always loved Star Wars.
I'm also quite fond of writing stories and more surprisingly writing those in English (which isn't my mother's tongue) Gotta admit I'm better at starting new stories than continuing or finishing what's started. I'm currently working on changing that but that's a tough change. More on my side activities as a writer may be found >[url="http://caryington-will.forumactif.com"]here[/url]<
What else to say... I like to work for people I like, t's probably why I take this MM league so seriously. I like to think I'm doing all this for cool peeps (like you, my fellow MMians) and imagine you love me for all the hard work I (will) put in. Hehehe

Favourite DC Hero?:
Hmmm... I ain't fond of DC, tbh. I'm more a Marvel or even more awesomely a Image comics guy. Witchblade, Darkness for instance...

Favourite Game?:
In terms of time spent? Star Wars Galaxies, I'm sorry if that hurts you SOE haters >_<'
In terms of awesomeness? Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, that game I played too much when I get it on my Pentium 166 MMX... lol! Good old times. I didn't speak much English by then but I had the game in English and knew all the cinematics subtitles... and I still do.

Favourite Character ever?:
I'll vote for Grand Admiral Thrawn, without any hesitation.
Just for you to know, my less favourite ones are Luke "farmer" Skywalker and Anakin "pervie" Skywalker. Both are, to my opinion, very poorly played. Especially Anakin who looks like more of a frustrated perverse than a man in love.

Email: caryington-kate@yahoo.fr
STEAM: Caryington (search soude_is_caustic)
deviantArt: http://soude-is-caustic.deviantart.com/
Blog and Writing Website: http://caryington-will.forumotion.com
Facebook: Guillaume Lefebvre | Create your badge

Q: Why do I have the feeling I already read that?
A: "That" is a pretty common word, I'd be astonished if you'd never ever read it.

Q: No I mean your bio... Did you post it somewhere else?
A: Nope but I stole the template from my EPOCH officer's bio... which was stolen from a chief operative but don't mention it cause I wanna get my payraise.

Q: I don't like you. How comes?
A: Maybe because I can be as stupid as Paris Hilton, as stubborn as a soviet propaganda officer and as smart as Einstein. In one word: I'm perfect and you're just jealous.

Q: What's the point of this FAQ?
A: None! Why?

......Midnight Resistance inside......
Kate Caryington, Arkham psychologist at day and alien queen at night
deviantArt EPOCH | OttS//OaE | Novel R&D
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[Introduction] Caryington
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