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 Character Bios

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Sister Sinister
Mother Midnight
Mother Midnight
Sister Sinister

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PostSubject: Character Bios   Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:48 am

Ok so we've seen some impressive stories already but to make it easy to digest I thought I'd make a short basic bios for every character. Please add down the bottom a short bio and I'll add it to the list. Cheers!

Character Name: Sister Sinister
True Identity: Camilla DeVille
Personality: She has two sides to her nature, almost a split personality. Camilla DeVillle the innocent young girl and Sister Sinister the "Dark Angel of Gotham". When in the latter personality she's silenty psychotic and devoted to see her vision of wiping out crime come to fruition.
Short Bio: Camilla's descent into the avenger known as Sinister Sinister came about from being in the right place at the wrong time. A devout member of the church Camilla chose to work as a missionary at Gotham's shelter for the homeless, where she witnessed a horrendous crime. A crime syndicate had been abducting the homeless for use in experiments involving mind control. Trying to defend her fellow man she was captured by the gang and subsequently turned into a test subject herself. Whilst previous attempts had failed Cassandra miraciously survived the experiment and broke away from her captors, but the damage was already done. The experiment left her with a form of brain damage, which in turn led her to have psychotic episodes. As a result she was sent to Arkham Asylum for treatment but whilst inside she learned to take control of her powers and managed to use them on the hospital staff to make her escape back into the streets of Gotham. A year later she would emerge as Sister Sinister. A devout guardian angel of the night with a zealous mission to rid Gotham of crime.
Powers: She is a master of illusion and fear. Her mind control abilities allow her to get inside the head of any criminal to find the very thing that they fear the most and use it against them. Since her escape from Arkham she has further developed her psychic skills to include telekinieses. Through training from Kami she also has mastered many forms of martial arts and her quickness with a firearm is almost as deadly as her mind.

Character Name: Hocus Pocus
True Identity: Alfonse Smythe
Personality: A mild mannered gentlemen would be the best way to decribe Alfonse. A bit of a showman at heart he also likes to play tricks on his friends and enemies alike.
Short Bio: Alfonse used to be magician working for a travelling circus before his time as a masked crusader. As time passed his act became stale and in an act of desperation he discovered a way to conjure a demon to learn long forgotten occult secrets. However Alfonse was tricked by the demon into selling his soul and in return he received arcane powers, allowing him to manifest hideous creatures from the abyss and beyond. Vowing never to use his powers as a catalyst for evil, Alfonse now fights for the Midnight Resistance as their resident Daemon Hunter, Hocus Pocus. He lives he hope that one day he find and eliminate the entity that cursed him all those years ago, and finally regain his soul.
Powers: Alfonse has many dark powers, perhaps too many to mention. Aside from the ability to conjure daemons to do his bidding he has gained an uncanny ability to alter the very fabric of life, restoring injured alllies to full fitness.


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Shadow Crusader
Shadow Crusader

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:59 am

Character Name: Caryington
True Identity: Katherine "Kate" Caryington
Hero Alias: the Overmind's Queen
Personality: A very perceptive human who can understand humans pretty well. Her transformation turned her in a ruthless cold-blooded killer, who will kill anyone standing in her way or her master's. Whatever his plan or purpose is yet to be revealed.
Short Bio: Once a simple psychiatrist, who worked in Arkham, Kate was transformed by one of the exobyte Luthor unleashed on Earth. It transformed her DNA into a telepath and she was quickly chosen by the overmind, an unknown alien species, to become her Queen.
Powers: Caryington can climb building, glide in the sky. Her condition of human-alien hybrid allows her to summon a light bio-technological chitinous armor. She is also a gifted telepath and telekinesist. Caryington may have some powers over the minions of the Overmind.

......Midnight Resistance inside......
Kate Caryington, Arkham psychologist at day and alien queen at night
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Shadow Crusader
Shadow Crusader

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:05 pm

Much more detailed version of my char's bios can be found here, but these are the 'potted' versions:

Character Name: Host
True Identity: Gabriel Drake / Shai'tan
Personality: Host is always calm and collected and seems a little aloof. He doesn't realise he gets on people's nerves; its because he's concentrating. Constantly.
Short Bio: Once an accomplished Occultist (but with no superpowers) Gabriel drew the attention of a powerful Devil called Shai'tan who specialized in possessing the minds of mortals and gaining control of their souls. Unfortunately this Devil decided to try to claim the Occultist at the exact same time he was empowered by Brainiac's Exobytes. Able to get into the man's head but not escape, the devil and the man fought for dominance that ended in a stalemate where their souls fused and they became a new entity, neither man nor devil
Powers: Host is a powerful Sorcerer who uses his powers primarily to heal but can also cause considerable damage as well if pushed to do so. He has an extensive knowledge of Occult and Infernal affairs and can call forth demonic energy at will. One of his most potent powers is that of divination, but even that pales in comparison to his mental defences. Though he is unable to effect another creatures mind mentally, his own psyche is like a fortress and to date nobody has been able to read his mind or mentally control him.

Character Name: Revenant (Alpha)

True Identity: Michael Tilner (unknown even to him)
Personality: Agressive, bloodthirsty, impatient
Short Bio: A street thug who became a hitman and fell in with Kobra Cult, he was able to precure - but became addicted to - Venom for his master. Sent on more specialized mission due to his addiction, he was sent to capture one of Ra's al Ghul's Lazerus Pits but was killed while fighting members of the League of Assassins. He fell into the mystical waters within seconds of his death and still juiced up on Venom, and was 'ressurected' as a rampaging undead thing while venom permanently in his system. He has no memory of before emerging from the Pit.
Powers: Revenant Alpha is a monstrous fighter who wades in and rips enemies apart with his bare hands. He seems to have some elemental control over ice and can incase his body in a solid frozen form to protect himself. He does this as a reflex action however, as his conscious mind would never think to defend himself, only to destroy the threat in front of him.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   

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Character Bios
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